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61 velocity-sensitive keys in full size. 
Perfect for the slightly experienced and demanding begins. 
With 129 stunning PCM sounds / instruments 100 beats / styles. 
Incl. power supply

Ringway TB100 -  - 61 full-size keys (C1-C6) - Display: Multifunction LCD display - 32 note polyphony - 129 different instruments / sounds - Effects: Reverb and Chorus - Audio Settings: Volume, Sustain, Vibrato, Tune, Transpose, Octave - Keyboard control: Normal, Chord, Split, Dual, 3 different settings for touch sensitivity - 100 different styles / genres - EQ: Bass and Treble - Rhythm Settings: Tempo, Synchro, Start / Stop, Intro / Ending, Acc. volume - 10 demo songs + 100 Educational songs - Education: Left / Right hand learning function - Built-in metronome - Recording Function - 2 x 6W speakers  - Headphone output via large jacks - headphone jack (rear) - Sheet Holder included - 12V power supply ( provided) - Color: Black Dimensions: 94.5cm × 30.4cm × 10cm Weight: 4.2 kg
€ 210.00   

-The  Artesia MA88  digital keyboard  ,  with touch response and sensitivity, is a great place to start learning to play.

-Its 61 standard-size keys and multi functional LCD screen  make it really comfortable and easy to access any of its sounds and styles.

-The polyphony is 32 notes. It has 129 PCM quality sounds. 100 styles. Sustain controls. Transpose. Time and Metronome.

-Thanks to the Synchro, Start / Stop, Intro / Fill in functions, you can make full and enjoyable performances.

-10 demo songs plus a whole library of + 100 learning songs. RECORDING: Real time and playback. LEARNING: Function in 3 levels.

-CONNECTIONS: DC input, Headphones.

-MEASURES AND WEIGHT: 900 x 310 x 100 mm. 5 kgs.

€ 210.00   

61 velocity-sensitive keys in full size. 
Perfect for the slightly experienced and demanding begins. 

Incl. power supply

Keyboards:  61 standard-size keys with touch sensitivity 
Display:  Multi-function blue backlight LCD display 
Polyphony:  32

Voices:  479 PCM Voices Include 12 Drum Kits
Voice Control:  MIXER: Main/Layer/Left/ACC Volume
                            Sustain, Tune, Transpose, Arpeggio, Dual
    Pedal: One Shared Pedal: Sustain with Half-Damper, Sostenuto,
             Soft, Start/Stop,Fill in, Memory call 
Effect: Reverb (8 types), Reverb level
            Chorus (13 types), Chorus level
Styles: 203 styles
Style Features: Synchro, Start/stop, Intro/Ending, Fill in, O.T.S.
 Keyboard Control: Chord, Full chord, Split, Chord Dictionary,
                                    5 touch sensitivity
Demo: 5+100 (learning songs)
Lesson Function:  3 Steps
Song recording:  Real time record and playback
Registration Memory:  4 x 8
Others:  Metronome, Tempo/Tap, Pitch bend
Interface:  Headphones, DC 12V, Line in, Shared Pedal, Mic,
                    USB to Host 


€ 230.00   
  • The Korg EK-50 is a 61-key arranger keyboard designed to provide versatile tones and easy operation for students, teachers, and musicians in homes, educational facilities, and live stage applications. It offers 280 auto-accompaniment styles and over 700 sounds to accommodate a variety of genres and compositional needs.

€ 500.00    460.00

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