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The Artesia Harmony Piano is not only a stylish, traditional furniture piece sure to enhance any room, but it’s also a full-featured, deeply expressive studio piano with a robust sound that you will love to play! The weighted, hammer action keys give you a smooth, natural feel to resemble that of a traditional acoustic piano. The Harmony comes complete with a sleek matching furniture stand with a built-in three pedal system with Soft-, Sostenuto-, and Sustain Pedals. The Harmony also includes the latest in music technology and the USB to Host MIDI Connection port lets you connect your piano to digital recording software, learning apps, and other options to allow for endless musical opportunities!

€ 500.00   

Artesia DP-3+ V, Digital Piano, 88 hammer action keys, 3 pedals.

The Artesia DP-3 Plus is full featured piano including an authentic concert hall sound that will bring you and your family years of musical enjoyment.

The New full scale hammer action and velocity sensitive keyboard brings the feel of an acoustic piano to your fingertips. Its advanced, natural acoustic balanced hammer action design offers dynamic response and smooth playability plus five different velocity touch settings to satisfy every style of practice or performance.
The DP-3 Plus has many connection and interface possibilities to ensure that your piano will never be out of date. The convenient USB and MIDI Ports allow it to be connected to laptops, tablets, smartphones and other compatible devices that offer amazing options for adding additional instrument voices, multi-track recording, fantastic teaching apps and so much more. We even include a teaching app to get your started. iPads, iPhones and others are simply just plug and play.
The DP-3 Plus offers 3 layer sampling with its acoustic Supra Sound sound sample processing. We record the actual acoustic instrument capturing its depth, expression and essence of the instrument itself. Instruments such as Grand Piano, EPiano, Harp, Vibes, NGuitar, Organ, Strings and Bass are included.
An easy-to-use internal song recorder will save your practice sessions or performance at an instant with just a touch of a button. There are two recording tracks available so you could also build your song first with chords or a bass line on one track then add a melody line to the second track.
The Duet Function allows both the teacher and student to play on the same keyboard together. The Piano is divided into two keyboard areas, which allow both teacher and student to play the same piano sound in the same octave. Additionally, the pedal function changes so that the left and right pedals are now designated as sustain pedals for both teacher and student to use.
The DP-3 Plus has additional features that can enhance your playing skills such as the built-in Piano Teacher Function. The DP-3 Plus Teacher Mode has songs and exercises that allow you to practice playing your left and right hand separately first, then using both hands simultaneously as you have learned the musical piece. The many songs and exercises are an excellent way to sharpen your playing skills.


*Delivery Included.

€ 800.00   

Artesia DP-3 Home Digital Piano
The hammer action keyboard touch and the concert hall sound from this piano is usually only found on product costing twice as much. Includes iPad compatible features that allow interaction with the exciting iPad teaching apps. 
Full Scale Natural Acoustic Hammer Action Keyboard
8 3D Acoustic Realism Instrument Samples
Left and Right Hand Teaching Method with 50 Play Along Songs
Duet Feature, Two Track Sequencer, Digital Effects, USB, MIDI and More 


  • Keyboard: Natural Balanced Hammer Action
  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Touch Sensitivity: 3 Levels, Fixed
  • Type of Display: LCD
  • Built-in Tones: 8
  • Preset Songs and Exercises: 50+
  • Built-in Metronome: Yes
  • Preset Scales: 2/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 6/8, 12/8
  • Recording: 2 Tracks
  • Instrument Voices: 8
  • DSP Effects: Reverb, Chorus
  • Lesson Function: Yes
  • Duet Function: Yes
  • Pedals: 3
  • Internal Memory: Yes
  • USB Port: Yes
  • Number of USB port: 1
  • Audio in Jack: Yes
  • Memory Card Slot: No
  • MIDI: Yes
  • 64-voice polyphony
  • Number of Speakers: 2
  • Amplifier Watts: 25 per side
  • Power Jack: Yes
  • Piano Dimensions: 54” W x 17” D x 39.5” H
  • Piano Weight: 121 lb
  • Bench Dimensions: 21” W x 12.5” D x 18” H
  • Bench Weight: 15 lb


 *Delivery Included.

€ 800.00    700.00
The Kurzweil M90-SR 88 Note Digital Piano features a USB jack and cable for easy, driverless computer connection.

Hammer Action Keyboard
88 note, fully-weighted, hammer-action keyboard.

16 Inspiring Factory Presets
The M90 features a variety of instrument choices and performance modes, including split and layer combinations.

Record Your Performances
The M90 offers a built-in, easy to operate, 2-track MIDI recorder.

Make a Connection
The M90 offers a host of inputs and outputs: MIDI, USB, Aux In/Out and headphones.

M90-SR Features & Specs:
  • Keyboard: 88 Note fully weighted, hammer-action with touch sensitivity
  • Polyphony: 64 voice
  • Preset Programs: 16
  • General MIDI: No
  • Demos Songs: 16
  • Splits/Layers: Yes
  • Transpose: Yes
  • Effects: Reverb and Chorus
  • Metronome: Yes
  • Recorder/Sequencer: 2-tracks
  • Sound System: 15-watt x 2
  • Audio Outs: Stereo left/right RCA line outs (for connecting to external amplification)
  • Audio Ins: Stereo left/right RCA line ins (for connecting external sound sources)
  • Headphones: (2) 1/4" stereo headphone outs
  • USB: (1) port; "Plug and Play" USB functionality allows MIDI over USB for connecting to/from an external computer sequencer; no software driver needed
  • Pedals: (3) built-in switch-type: sustain, sostenuto, soft
  • Finish: Simulated Rosewood
  • Bench: Matching bench included
  • Dimensions: 32.1"(H) x 54.3" (W) x 16.5" (D)
  • Weight: 108 lb / 49 Kg
  • Power: DC 12V 2.5A external power supply
€ 850.00    750.00
  • 88-Key keyboard with hammer action
  • 3 Velocity curves (easy, normal, heavy)
  • 12 Sounds
  • 120 Voice polyphony
  • Speaker system with 2 x 15 Watt
  • Stereo Line input: 3.5 mm mini jack
  • Combined stereo line / headphone output 3.5 mm mini jack
  • USB (MIDI / Audio)
  • Pedal-connector
  • Input for external power supply
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 1312 x 117 x 336 mm
  • Weight: 11.4 kg
  • Colour: White
  • Includes music rest, damper pedal and software bundle with educational software
€ 950.00    850.00

Stylish, traditional equipment that will beautify your home, not only with its great sound, but also as a piece of furniture - with its classic, timeless look.
Artesia DP-10e is an authentic concert sound that will provide years of pleasure.

Keyboard: Weighted Hammer Action (Natural Balanced Hammer Action)
Number of Keys: 88
Polyphony: 128 Touch
Sensitivity: 5-step, fixed
Tones: 137
Accompaniments: Over 100 variations
Demo Songs: 10 songs + 376 songs to learn
Metronome: 2/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 6/8, 12/8
Recording: 3 tracks
Effects: Reverb, Chorus, EQ
Functions: Lesson, Duet
Pedals: 3 (Sustain, Sostenuto, Soft)
Speakers: 4
Power: 50W (25 + 25)
LCD Display
MIDI Interface
Dimensions: 135 W x 38 D x 77 H cm
Weight: 42 kg
Midi Out
Aux In
Line Out
USB cable
Instructions + assembly tools
Color: Dark rosewood, matte

 *Delivery Included.

€ 950.00    800.00

The LP-380 is a digital piano that's designed with a style to match your interior decor. Merely 26 cm in depth, it's slim enough to fit anywhere. The wooden key cover is flat on top, allowing the instrument to blend elegantly into your room when you're not playing it.

Keeping safety in mind, the cover uses a soft landing mechanism to ensure that it closes gently.

The slim and stylish chassis projects a sense of stability. The RH3 keyboard, three pedals, and large-diameter speakers ensure a superb piano-playing experience and rich piano sound.


The built-in metronome lets you adjust the time signature, tempo, and volume. It also lets you use a bell sound as the accent.

  • Slim and stylish design
  • High-quality musical instrument produced by expert craftsman in Kyoto, Japan
  • Rich, dynamic acoustic piano sounds that are enjoyable to play
  • High-output amp section produces plenty of volume
  • RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3) keyboard
  • Reduced chassis, package size, and weight
  • Three-pedal design with half-damper support

€ 1250.00   
The rosewood KA150 from Kurzweil is a digital piano with 88 graded-hammer keys in a spinet-style piano cabinet. It features 128 factory presets and a wide range of acoustic and electronic sound selections such as pianos, electric pianos, organs, and orchestral and choir instruments. With 26 pre-recorded accompaniment patterns in a variety of styles to play along with, the digital piano offers front and center control panels with easy access to all system functions including Sound Selection, Styles, Split/Layer, Transpose, and Metronome. Furthermore, the cabinet is designed with a 20W, 2-speaker, stereo sound system with built-in music stand and slide-out fallboard. Some other features include two headphone outputs, a USB port for MIDI,  RCA stereo inputs and outputs, a 1/8" input, and a 1/4" microphone-input jack. The three built-in expression pedals come standard and provide Sustain, Sostenuto, and Soft control for the keyboard. An external power supply is also included.
€ 1400.00    1250.00
The Kurzweil KA150 is a digital piano with hammer-action mechanics and eighty-eight balanced keys. As is the Kurzweil way, the piano is directly filled with a variety of sounds. Players have a total of 128 sound registers at their disposal, including acoustic and electric pianos, organs, strings, choirs and other instruments.

For a complex musical production, there are 26 accompanying rhythms in many musical styles. The piano has its own built-in 20W stereo dual-band sound system, making it ideal for home playing or smaller productions.

Controls are easily accessible from the front panel, so you can quickly select individual sounds, layer instruments, split the keyboard, select styles or use the metronome.

For a realistic feel, the piano features a trio of Sustain, Sostenuto and Soft pedals.
  • Colour: White
  • Keyboard: 88RPTA
  • Keyboard Type: Hammer, Plastic
  • Keyboard Surface: Smooth
  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Automatic Accompaniment: Yes
  • Learning System: No
  • Speaker Output: 40 W
  • Number of Sounds: 128
  • Input Ports: Line Jack 3,5 mm TRS, Unbalanced RCA
  • Output Ports: 2x Headphone Jack 6,3 mm TRS , Unbalanced RCA
  • Polyphony: 68
  • USB to host: Yes
  • USB to device: No
  • USB midi: Yes
  • Width: 1380 mm
  • Depth: 497 mm
  • Height: 867 mm
  • Weight: 54 kg
  • Country of Production: South Korea

€ 1400.00    1250.00
  • Keyboard: 88-Note, fully weighted, graded hammer action with adjustable touch sensitive keys (LK-70M)
  • Keyboard Sensitivity: 10 selectable response levels
  • Display: 5×7 Dot scrolling matrix LED
  • Voice Type: Stereo PCM
  • Polyphony: 128 voice
  • Preset Programs: 30
  • Rhythms: 30
  • Play Mode: Splits, Layers, Dual
  • Demo Songs: 50 Piano Masterpieces
  • General MIDI: No
  • Transpose: Yes
  • Tune: Yes
  • Metronome: Yes
  • Recorder/Sequencer: 1-Track; 20,000 note capacity
  • Education Mode: None
  • Audio Power: 20W x 2, 8 Ohms
  • Speaker: 6.5″ x 2
  • Audio Outs: Stereo left/right RCA line outs (for connecting to external amplification)
  • Audio Ins: Stereo left/right RCA line ins (for connecting external sound sources)
  • (1) 1/8″ stereo MP3 IN
  • (1) 1/4″ MIC Input
  • Headphones: (2) 1/4″ stereo headphone outs
  • MIDI I/O: MIDI In and Out connectors
  • USB: (1) port; “Plug and Play” USB functionality allows MIDI over USB for connecting to/from an external computer sequencer; no software driver needed
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Pedals: (3) built-in switch-type sustain, sostenuto, soft
  • Finish: Simulated Rosewood or White
  • Dimensions: 55.12″(W) x 18.50″ (D) x 33.46″ (H)
  • 1400mm (W) x 470mm (D) x 850mm (H)
  • Bench: Matching bench included
  • Power: 90-250V AC free voltage external power supply; 24V 2.5A DC

*Delivery Included.

€ 1650.00   

The M130 is a 88 note, fully-weighted, hammer-action keyboard, featuring a variety of acoustic/electric pianos, organ, guitar and string instruments and a spinet-stye cabinet available in a simulated rosewood finish, featuring a 40 Watt, 2-speaker, stereo sound system, built-in music stand and slide-out fallboard. The M30 offers a wide array of built-in demos ranging from piano etudes to masterpieces.


*Delivery Included.

€ 2275.00    2000.00

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