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 Telescopic boom arm for adding to a straight microphone stand, clamp or the Obelisk keyboard stand. The adjustable angle base mounts to a standard 3/4in thread, the boom has a similar 3/4in and 5/8in adapter for attachment of a microphone clip.

€ 20.00   


Adjustable Height 970-1600mm
Inner box 100*100*910mm(1pcs)
Master Carton 320*220*940mm(6pcs)
Weight 1.7kg
Arm length 800mm



€ 25.00   
Height 880-1580mm
Dia. of Base 250mm
Inner box 840×320×50×50mm(1pcs)
Master Carton 860×390×130mm(4pcs)
Weight 5kg(Inner box/ 1pcs)
€ 33.00   
Microphone boom stand with loaded nylon joint. The base is composed of a metal core strenghtened by a loaded nylon cap. Anti vibration feet.
  • Adjustable in height
  • Joint and tripod base made of nylon with reinforcing internal metal structure
  • Height: Min 97cm and max 156cm
  • Max extension of 78cm
  • Weight: 1.45kg
  • Feet covered with natural rubber
€ 42.00   

Straight microphone stand with twist clutch
Cast iron base with rubber feet to grant stabilty and acoustic isolation

€ 42.00   
Microphone boom stand with structure in steel. Loaded nylon swivel joint with ergonomic knob for safety lock. Nylon boom and cable clamp and nylon clutch-style height adjustment. Tripod stand with loaded nylon base for a perfect sliding and stability. Height: max 200 cm. Extension: max 62 cm. Max carriage capacity: 2 kg. Weight: 2,90 kg. Colour: black

€ 45.00   

Microphone holder with adjustable boom arm that features a clamp mounting system which allows the holder to be attached to the table or a stand. It comes supplied with a cable with two XLR connectors (male/female).

The holder and the arm are made of steel.

Maximum length: 900 mm.

Black colour.


€ 45.00   
Professional tripod microphone stand. The structure is made of high quality steel while the upper joint and the base are composed by two parts: one in loaded nylon and the other one in zinc alloy, assembled together. This is why we call it "hybrid". Anti-skid rubber feet that, thanks to their shape, attenuate vibration transmission. Height: min 64 cm, max 202 cm. Max carriage capacity: 4 kg. Weight: 2,7 kg
€ 85.00   
  • Round base made of cast iron, covered by abs on the top and rubber on the bottom
  • Easily and quickly adjustable in height with just one hand
  • Height: min 104 cm, max 171 cm
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Max carriage capacity: 10 kg
€ 85.00   
  • Zinc alloy knob with rubber covering
  • Bushings made of a special self-lubricating material
  • Counterweigh made of loaded nylon with zinc alloy parts
  • Joint at the bottom made of loaded nylon with zinc alloy parts
  • High stability and attractive design
€ 98.00   

Microphone boom stand perfect for any recording or project studio
• Adjustable steel counterweight for a perfect balance
• Heavy duty base to grant maximum stability
• Non-slip and anti vibration feet 

Height min 160 - max 350 cm (H)
Spread min 95 - max 200 cm
Weight 8,5 Kg
Carriage capacity 6 Kg on top
Master carton (pc) 1
Volume (cbm) 0,006
€ 280.00   

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