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  • 32-note, mid-sized synth-action keyboard. Enjoy a wide array of sound selections, covering pianos, organs, guitars, strings, effects and more. Built-in, backing rhythm patterns are offered in a variety of musical genres. Record and playback your own keyboard performances with the easy-to-use song recorder. A built-in music collection of 30 demo songs. Lightweight, portable, powered by DC adaptor, USB micro plug or batteries for music creation wherever you go.

€ 100.00    80.00

-The  Artesia MA88  digital keyboard  ,  with touch response and sensitivity, is a great place to start learning to play.

-Its 61 standard-size keys and multi functional LCD screen  make it really comfortable and easy to access any of its sounds and styles.

-The polyphony is 32 notes. It has 129 PCM quality sounds. 100 styles. Sustain controls. Transpose. Time and Metronome.

-Thanks to the Synchro, Start / Stop, Intro / Fill in functions, you can make full and enjoyable performances.

-10 demo songs plus a whole library of + 100 learning songs. RECORDING: Real time and playback. LEARNING: Function in 3 levels.

-CONNECTIONS: DC input, Headphones.

-MEASURES AND WEIGHT: 900 x 310 x 100 mm. 5 kgs.

€ 190.00   

The Kurzweil KP70 portable arranger , interactive keyboard with a wide range of sounds and styles. 300 inspiring preset sounds cover everything from pianos, organs, guitars, and orchestral voices to synths and ethnic instruments,the KP70' has 100 style .Auto-accompaniment styles enable real-time backing arrangements in a variety of musical genres. Other features include built-in speakers, song recorder and  USB in.

61 Keys with touch Response

32 Note Plyphonic

300 Voices

100 Styles

100 Songs -10 Demo

Power Supply 9V

Speaker 3W x 2

Dimension  940 W   356 D    136H mm

Weight  3.75kg



€ 210.00   

This sleek, elegant design of the Artesia A-61 is both eye-catching and practical for players in their beginning stages. It is equipped with 61 touch sensitive, semi-weighted, full-size keys in a lightweight, space saving design. Weighing just under 13 lbs., it is the perfect setup for piano mobility. The functional design with only a few buttons allows users to easily choose from one of the onboard sound samples and start playing within seconds! The power adapter is included, so simply connect your piano and begin playing right out of the box with zero setup. The A-61 is MIDI compatible and can be connected to your laptop, tablet or smartphone. See for yourself why the Artesia A-61 digital piano is the top choice for piano teachers and hobbyists, alike.

The semi-weighted action and velocity sensitive 61-key keyboard brings the feel of an acoustic piano to your fingertips. The advanced action design offers dynamic response and smooth play-ability. It is also possible to change the key sensitivity to play more comfortably with a soft or harder touch.

Equipped with 61 touch sensitive and full-size keys, the semi-weighted feel of this keyboard offers a dynamic response with an incredibly natural touch to allow beginners optimal playability. The 3D sound samples recorded from acoustic instruments will amaze you with their high-quality, rich tones. Choose from one of the eight instrument voices.

Connect to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to allow for countless musical opportunities! With the USB to Host MIDI port, you can connect your piano to an assortment of learning apps and digital audio workstation (DAW) software to allow users the opportunity to engage in learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Record a song directly from the A-61 to your laptop!

€ 270.00   

Kurzweil KP 110 KP Series 61 Key with Touch Response Keyboard

  • Key : 61 key (touch response)
  • Display : Backlit LCD
  • Polyphony : 128
  • Voices : 653
  • Styles : 240 preset ; 10 user
  • Style Creator : PC software
  • Sequencer : 10 song
  • Demo Song : 8



€ 310.00   

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