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The Tanglewood TBA 5 Amp is a compact practice amp which is perfect for practicing at home, rehearsals, live playing, and busking. The TBA 5 from Tanglewood is designed to provide acoustic players with a crisp, clear, and detailed sound whilst also providing two rotary controls for volume and tone control. The TBA 5's tone dial produces bass to treble control, enabling players to achieve a sound that is set to their personal preference. This smart looking practice amp features a 4 inch speaker unit with a headphone input for personal monitoring and silent practice. With a stylish and rugged exterior, this lightweight TBA 5 Amp offers versatility and ease of transportation.
€ 50.00   
  • Dual Channel Combo - Ideal For Performance & Rehearsal
  • Reverb & Chorus Effects Included
  • Dual Drivers For Full, Natural Acoustic Sound Reproduction
  • Jack & XLR Inputs For Instrument & Microphone
  • AUX In For Playing Backing Tracks
€ 300.00   
The A-Solo is a professional, compact and portable acoustic guitar amplifier, dedicated to delivering a clean and clear amplified acoustic guitar tone wherever you need it. Whether in the Studio or live on stage the A-SOLO delivers every time. The A-SOLO has two completely independent channel strips. Flexible enough to allow for connection of either a mic and an instrument, two different acoustic instruments or even a blend of separate mic and pickup connections from the same instrument. Equally, at home or on the biggest stages in the world the A-SOLO can be your main sound source on an, intimate stage or your personal monitor on bigger stages. The A-Solo is loaded with big stage pro spec features such as feedback elimination and a pro spec DI out.
  • Channels: 2 - Power: 60 watts
  • Controls: Combi jack / XLR inputs, level, shape, bass, mid, treble, chorus, reverb, CHR adjust, anti feedback, phase, volume and Mute
  • Switches: Drive - power - Effects: Reverb and chorus - Effect loop
  • Connectors: Combo XLR / jack input, auxiliary input (mini jack), headphones (mini jack) - Pro spec XLR-DI out, 4 selectable EQ modes

€ 385.00   
  • Features / Specification:
  • 60W Power Output(RMS)
  • Speaker Impedance: 8"/4 ohm
  • Built-in Effects: Hall, Plate, Chorus, Delay
  • Input Jack (6.35mm)
  • CH1 Input, CH2 Input (6.35mm+XLR)
  • Aux-in(RCA), MP3 IN (3.5mm)
  • Turner Out, Send/Return, DI Out (XLR)
  • Line Out, Phones Out, Footswitch
  • Power LED, Indicator for CH1/CH2 Overdrive
  • AC100V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz, 230V/50Hz, 240V,50Hz Power Supply
  • Speaker Socket 35mm Recessed Speaker Pole Socket
  • Dimensions: 346 x 280 x 346mm
  • Accessories: Owner's Manual, Power Cor
  • Includes FREE Amp Cover
€ 650.00   

For some people, the DaCapo is simply a device that works and follows design principles that allow for technical comparability. For others, it is simply a tool that has to perform a task in the best possible way. For us it is a work of art, that, with its materiality, makes music experienceable in a unique way. It helps capture and envelop players and listeners alike and makes shared experience incomparable … a sheer pleasure.

  • Power: 75W nominal, 60W continuous, 180W instantaneous
  • Dynamic range: 92dB(A)
  • Driver : 8” double cone
  • Sensitivity : 93.1 dB SPL at 1m for 1W
  • Enclosure with bassreflex
  • 2 channels with jack and XLR input, 3-band EQ and dedicated DI
  • 2 line outputs: preamp level and -10dBV
  • Minijack stereo auxiliary input
  • External Send/Return effect loop
  • 6 digital effects presets (2 reverbs, 2 delays, reverb+delay, chorus)
  • One delay effect controlled by footswitch
  • Color : black
  • Weight : 7.5kg
  • Dimension : 325 (l) x 245 (w) x 265 (h) mm.


€ 1500.00    1300.00

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