NS Design WAV4 Violin - Amberburst
[ WAV4-VN-AB ]


Category: Electric Violin / Bass
€ 875.00   

4-string Electric Violin with Maple Body and Neck, Ebony Fingerboard, Polar Pickup System Electronics, and Hard Foam Case - Amberburst

The NS Design WAV4 is an affordable introduction to the world of electric violins. As a seasoned violinist, the WAV4 offers you entry into a realm of tonal versatility and creative potential that surpasses anything a traditional acoustic violin is capable of putting out. If you've ever tried running your acoustic violin through an effects pedal only to be disappointed, the onboard Polar pickup system gives you the sonic satisfaction you're seeking. 

As a beginner, you want an instrument that isn't merely great-sounding, you need a playing experience that entices. And with features such as the removable bout and adjustable bridge, the NS Design WAV4 electric violin is an easy choice for pros and students alike.

NS Design WAV4 Electric Violin at a Glance:
* Polar Pickup System delivers full sound no matter how you play
* Designed to give you a fully customizable playing experience
* Innovative Steinberger hardware provides precision tuning and adjustment
* Polar Pickup System delivers full sound no matter how you play
* The NS Design WAV4 Violin sports a self-powered, custom Polar Pickup System that delivers extraordinary sound no matter how you play. 
* Technically a passive pickup system, the Polar Pickup System rivals the output of many active systems. This gives you a pure and noise-free sound - just what you need when you're recording.