Kurzweil PC3LE7 76-key Workstation
[ PC3LE7 ]


Category: Stage Pianos
€ 1800.00    1400.00

A Fantastic Workstation with Stellar Sounds from the PC3! The PC3LE7 from Kurzweil gives you Kurzweil's legendary combination of fantastic sounds, rock-steady performance, musical expressiveness, and ease of use, in a supremely affordable instrument that shatters the price/performance barrier. 

Kurzweil streamlined the popular PC3 with a new user interface that provides you with an interactive experience that will inspire your creativity. As with any pro-level keyboard, sound quality and feel are absolutely crucial, and the PC3LE7 has both, in spades. 

You'll love the feel of its Fatar TP-8 keybed, which gives you the control and response of semi-weighted action, velocity sensitivity, and aftertouch. And the PC3LE7 gets its vast selection of incredible sounds from the world-renowned PC3 synth engine! 

Kurzweil PC3LE7 76-key Workstation Keyboard Features at a Glance: 

  • Keyboard: Fatar TP-8; 76-key semi-weighted action with velocity- and aftertouch-sensitive keys 
  • Display: 240 x 64 backlit LCD w/ dedicated back-panel contrast control 
  • Polyphony: 64-voice polyphony; dynamically allocated, lightning-fast performance 
  • Multitimbral: 16 parts (1 per MIDI channel) 
  • Architecture: PC3 sound engine, complete with anti-aliased VA oscillators and KB3 mode 
  • Important synth and effects parameters can be accessed and adjusted via the PC3LE7's front-panel knobs and buttons 
  • User settings can be captured and saved with a single button press; supports loading PC3 programs
  • Factory presets: PC3 sound set, including Base ROM, Orchestral, Classic Keys, String Section, General MIDI set, and over 70 KB3 programs with total of over 800 programs 
  • Factory MIDI setups: 256 factory-programmed MIDI setups; up to 2,048 user-programmable MIDI setups, each with 16 independent zones, effects, and triggerable pattern-based "Riffs" and arpeggiator settings; dozens of user-editable patterns for both pitch and velocity 
  • General MIDI: Standard 
  • User memory: 2,048 locations for user-created preset programs, songs, and setups 
  • Sequencer: 16 tracks, 960-PPQ resolution; song-editing functions include both event and track-based tools, including quantize, swing, remap, controller scaling and more; controller chasing and quick "set song loop point" functions are also included 
  • Effects: 10 insert effects distributed over 10 buses, 1 auxiliary send; over 500 of our award-winning effects: reverbs, delays, chorus, flange, phaser, EQs, distortions, rotary speaker simulators, compressors, and more 
  • Controllers: Pitch wheel, modulation wheel, 5 front-panel knobs (15 virtual knobs with a 2-tiered shift button), 7 front-panel switches (momentary or toggle, software selectable), 2 switch-pedal inputs, 1 continuous control-pedal input and mono pressure. Controller values can be "captured" and stored as part of a program. In addition to all of these, the PCLE6 also features 8 backlit velocity-sensitive drum pads that can be used to trigger sounds, sequences, chords, and arpeggiations. 
  • Arpeggiator: 16 full-featured independent arpeggiators with multiple latch modes, selectable play order, velocity, duration, tempo, and sync functions, as well as pre-recorded beats and musical phrases 
  • Riffs: 16 simultaneous "Riff" generators (used for triggering MIDI-sequenced phrases, beats, or complete multitrack arrangements from notes on the keyboard and/or any onboard physical controller) 
  • Analog outputs: 2 ¼" balanced TRS analog (24-bit DACs) 
  • Headphones: 1 rear-panel ¼" headphone output 
  • Digital outputs: 24-bit, stereo S/PDIF at 48K (internal clock) 
  • MIDI: Input, output, throughput
  • USB: Host port for connecting a USB thumb drive and a device port that allows the PC3LE7 to load and save data directly to and from a computer, perform OS updates, and send/receive MIDI over USB