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[ 2488neo ]


Category: Multitrack Recording
€ 1200.00    600.00

The 2488neo is the successor of the 2488MkII, by far the most affordable 24-track recording and mixing workstation ever made for home studios. Eight inputs can be simultaneously recorded into the XLR and jack inputs. Each song can have up to 250 virtual tracks, 24 of which can be chosen for the final mix. A submixer allows to add eight more input channels during mixdown for a total of 32 mixing channels. A further stereo track is provided for recording the pre-master which can then be written directly to CD/CD-RW. The 2488neo has four XLR inputs with switchable phantom power for condenser mics plus four balanced jack inputs one of which can be switched to high impedance for electrical guitars. Each track and input offers 3-band EQ and three effect sends for sound and dynamics variation. The 2488neo’s editing functions enables the user to edit their audio tracks with high precision. Sections can be copied and pasted, cut and moved, tracks can be duplicated and up to 999 steps can be undone and redone. Alternative takes allow users to select the best take from multiple takes of a recording session. For data backup, songs can be written to CD-R/CD-RW or can be transferred to a computer via a USB connection. Songs can also be exported as WAV files, and mono WAV files can be imported into songs.