Tanglewood TBA5 5W Battery/Mains Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
[ TBA5 ]


Category: Acoustic Amps
€ 50.00   

The Tanglewood TBA 5 Amp is a compact practice amp which is perfect for practicing at home, rehearsals, live playing, and busking. The TBA 5 from Tanglewood is designed to provide acoustic players with a crisp, clear, and detailed sound whilst also providing two rotary controls for volume and tone control. The TBA 5's tone dial produces bass to treble control, enabling players to achieve a sound that is set to their personal preference. This smart looking practice amp features a 4 inch speaker unit with a headphone input for personal monitoring and silent practice. With a stylish and rugged exterior, this lightweight TBA 5 Amp offers versatility and ease of transportation.