Strunal 3370 Violin 4/4
[ 3370 ]


Category: 4/4 Violin
€ 1800.00   

Strunal is the largest violin making company in Europe and they have been going for decades.  Actually they say they can trace their history through 300 years!  Here is their web

They also make violins under the brand names Dvorak and Paganini.

This violin has been professionally set up with Dominant strings and with the correct bridge height.

I only have one of these.  As always, don't forget, if you want to try this violin alongside others, that is absolutely fine.  Just get in touch.


Size: 4/4 Size: 4/4 Top: Spruce Top: Spruce Back: Corrugated Maple Back: Corrugated Maple Side: Corrugated Maple Side: Corrugated Maple Neck: Excellently Flamed Maple