Ludwig LCB520P-MWT Element Birch Pop 5 Piece Shell Pack, ONLY
[ LCB520PX-MWT ]


Category: Drum Set
€ 975.00    850.00

  • High-Gloss Lacquer Finish
  • Keystone Lugs
  • Power Collar Bass Drum Heads
  • Vibra-Band Tom Mounts
  • Locking Bass Drum Spurs

100% Marbled Birch shells and high-end features like gorgeous high-gloss lacquer finishes expand tonal -and visual- pallet for the up-and-coming player. With all the choices available for next-level gear, Element Lacquer drums deliver pure tone, durable functionality, and the right custom touches. All the pieces are in place; all that remains is you. The 7-ply Marbled Birch shell has a 45-degree inner bearing edge with slight outer bevel. The bite and volume of a thin, all Birch shell makes Element Lacquer an ideal set-up for gigs and woodshedding.


*Delivery and tuning included.