GT-R1 Portable Guitar/Bass Recorder
[ GT-R1 ]


Category: Instrument & Vocal Training
€ 450.00    120.00

The Tascam GT-R1 is the ideal recording and practicing solution for the guitarist and the bassist. The handy unit combines the merits of a Tascam MP-GT1 Guitar Trainer with the recording possibilities of Tascam’s successful handheld recorder DR-1—so now users can not only practice to existing music, but can unleash their creativity and record their own pieces or make overdubs with pre-recorded tracks. The lightweight GT-R1 is loaded with 88 preset rhythm patterns and offers 55 multi-effects with variable parameters that can be assigned to the input or playback signal. Like with other Tascam trainers, users are able to vary playback tempo and pitch for easier practice of tricky passages, or reduce guitar, bass and other sounds from existing tracks. Other trainer features include repeat, loop, single and playlist playback, chromatic tuner and metronome. But the GT-R1 is not just a perfect instrument trainer. Its built-in stereo microphone with variable recording angle, external mic input, as well as line input and output make it a full-featured recorder for any kind of music or spoken word. Auto gain control with limiter and a switchable low-cut filter are also available. The GT-R1 is able to record and play high-quality audio files in 16-bit or 24-bit WAV or in MP3 format up to 320 Kbit/s. A 2-GB SD card is included for data storage, while file transfer with computers can be accomplished by a USB 2.0 port. The unit operates on a rechargeable and exchangeable lithium-ion battery