CD-VT2 Portable CD Instrument/Vocal Trainer
[ CD-VT2 ]


Category: Instrument & Vocal Training
€ 200.00    100.00

The CD-VT2 is the latest introduction in the portable CD trainer line – a product category literally invented by Tascam. Like the popular original CD-VT1 trainer, singers and instrumentalist like woodwind, brass, and string players have the ability to slow down the tempo of a CD track without changing the pitch – allowing any artists, musicians, students, and music teachers to practice, learn and teach vocal harmonies, fast rap passages and complex melodies from their favorite music. The CD-VT2 instrument/vocal trainer features an all new improved ultra-compact design, comprehensive LC display with graphical user interface, album title/track title indication by CD-Text, expanded effect banks for user preset, a chromatic tuner, 3 octaves tone oscillator, and Tascam's pioneering VSA feature (Variable Speed Audition, tempo control without affecting key). With integrated pitch and key control, instrument/vocal canceller with selectable cancelling pan point and selectable frequency range, and seamless integration with CD-DA/CD-R/CD-RW disc playback, users can now discover the licks their favorite artist really played.