MP-VT1 Portable MP3 Music and Voice Trainer
[ MP-VT1 ]


Category: Instrument & Vocal Training
€ 250.00    120.00

The MP-VT1 is the first MP3 player designed for musicians. Based on the award-winning CD-VT1 MkII, this mobile vocal and instrument trainer has enough memory to store up to 240 songs. Zip through your MP3 collection using a data wheel, dedicated buttons and a graphical backlit display. Tracks and sections can be looped or slowed down without changing the key. And even recorded solo instrument or lead vocal parts can be defeated to help you learn tricky passages of the best bands in the world. Songs can also be pitched up or down to match the tuning of your instrument or vocal range, so you can play in a comfortable key. The MP-VT1 lets you sing and play along with vocal effects. A chromatic tuner and a metronome are also built-in. A high-speed USB connection is used to load up MP3s and charge the built-in lithium-ion battery giving you up to 9 hours of playback time (an optional power supply is also available). All of this is packed into a player smaller than a stomp box, so you can carry it anywhere the road takes you.