Weber Grand Piano W-150 White
[ W-150WHP ]


Category: Grand Pianos
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  •   WEBER GRAND PIANO W-150 White 
  •   Weber Pianos easily commands the attention of anyone who has keen interests in music and musical instruments. It has been one of the most enduring names in the world of piano manufacturing because of the distinct music that it produces.At the age of 24, Albert Weber opened his first piano store in West Broadway in New York. It won immediate praise and recognition after it was introduced into the market.
  •   Some of the many awards and recognitions the company had received were the Philadelphia Centennial in 1876; at the American Exhibition in London, in 1887, and at the Paris Exposition in 1889.

Around 1883 King Alphonso XIII of Spain bestowed the Royal Warrant to Weber and made it the official piano manufacturer of the royal family of Madrid. In 1932, Weber associated with Eolian Co. signing a contract with the company that oversees the manufacture of over twenty piano brands