Cleaning Rod + Cork Grease HH2131
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Category: Recorders
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Each instrument should be cleaned after every use. This keeps the sound quality and increases the lifetime, especially of wind instruments like wodden descant recorders.

With the CASCHA recorder mop you can clean your descant recorder fast and easy. The solid wire handle is made of metal. Soft microfibers attached to the top allow you to clean the descant recorder from the inside without scratching it.

It´s simple to use: If needed, disassemble the descant recorder in it´s parts. Hold the recorder cleaner at the handle and insert the soft end into the headpiece of the recorder.

The recorder body (middle part) is cleaned in the same way. After using the recorder cleaner the descant recorder can be the reassembled.

The CASCHA recorder cleaning stick can be used for any type of descant recorders. It it suitable for wodden and plastic recorders. Kids can use the recorder cleaner safely, because the end is rounded.

The included cork grease is a daily must for everyone who plays wooden wind instruments. Lubricate each descant recorder part with a thin layer of cork grease. This seals and preserves the connections between every part. It also makes it easier to disessamble the parts to clean it.