Young Chang Piano GE-116BPS Black Polish Satin
[ GE-116BPS ]


Category: Upright Pianos
€ 5900.00    5000.00

Young Chang vertical pianos are constructed using all top quality materials by skilled artisans. Our entire line is completely re-designed by award winning designer Del Fandrich. These newly designed pianos are noted to have exceptional tonal quality and evenness of touch and sound throughout the entire range of the keyboard. Part of the new design is the unique floating soundboard and direct coupled bass bridge which allows for a much better bass response than most pianos at an even larger size.

All action parts are Maple and all hammers are the cold formed process for better tonal quality and longevity.

Institutional Studio - Round cut off bars on lower section of soundboard prevents sound diffusion and optimizes the resonance of the soundboard.

Finish: Ebony Polish, Ebony Satin, Walnut Satin

Size: 46"