Weber Piano W-121 Walnut Polish
[ W-121WP ]


Category: Upright Pianos
€ 5600.00    4800.00


  • Style: Professional Upright
  • Size: 48”
  • Finishe: Walnut Satin
  • Spruce Soundboards with the highest sound-transmission coefficient
  • Precise action that expresses the pianist’s emotion more delicately
  • Keyboard that conveys the soul of the pianist
  • Hammers conveying the dynamic expression of the pianist
  • Pin Blocks made of 17-layer laminated panel to raise bearing power
  • Frames cast through the V-Process construction method
  • Rims optimizing soundboard resonance
  • Partnering with Delwin D Fandrich, Consulting for the highest craftsmanship in piano design
  • Soft-Glide System