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€ 28.00    15.00

 This battery-powered little beast comes with a ton of versatility.

The Laney Mini-SuperG is a battery-powered amp, perfect for desktop, backstage or practice. It's a super-compact solution for guitar tone and performance anywhere. Practice or perfrom any style, anywhere with a Mini-SuperGroup.

The Mini-SuperG model features a clean and drive channel, gain, tone and volume dial, guitar input, Aux. in, headphone socket and the unique Laney LSI – Laney Smartphone Insert.

The LSI allows you to collect your amp to your favorite guitar tone-generating app to access all your favorite guitar tones. The LSI connecting cable is supplied with the unit and works with iOS and Android devices.

Launched in conjunction with the Tonebridge app from Ultimate Guitar, it’s super easy to make your Mini-SuperG sound like any of the thousands of guitar tones on the Tonebridge database. Practice or perform any style, anywhere with a Mini-SuperG.

  • Power: 3W
  • Two channels
  • Controls: Gain, tone, volume
  • Aux in.
  • Headphone output
  • LSI - Laney Smartphone Insert cable Included
  • Battery powered (6 AA batteries sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 4.72" x 6.81" x 3.93"
  • Weight: 2.2 lb.
€ 65.00    55.00
  • Minion Series
  • 10 W
  • Practice Amp
  • Black Cloth Front
  • Randall Jaguar 5 Inch Speaker
  • € 80.00   

    Hi • Mid • Low


    Volume • Gain • Drive Switch

    POWER AMPSolid State

    POWER OUTPUT15 Watts

    SPEAKERS(1) 6.5" Randall Jaguar

     FrontHeadphone output

    € 95.00   

    The Randall Minion Series MR15R is a great practice amp for the budding young rocker. With 15W of power pumped through a 6.5" Randall Jaguar speaker, it's a responsive tone machine that will help you get the most out of practicing. Also includes a 3-band EQ for fine-tning your sound, onboard reverb, Gain and Volume controls and a Drive switch. A headphone out lets you practice into the late hours without waking up the neighbors.



    • 15W
    • 6.5" Randall Jaguar speaker
    • 3-band EQ
    • Onboard reverb
    • Volume and Gain controls
    • Drive switch
    € 120.00   
    • 20 Watt Guitar Combo
    • 1x8 inch Custom Driver
    • 2 Channel Operation with Reverb
    • Headphone Jack
    • CD Input/Line In
    € 175.00   

    The LX35R features twin channels, giving you clean to extreme options, 3 band EQs give you powerful control over tone, and for Extreme Tone Shaping all the LX35R feature an XTS option that really kicks things about. Another smart feature is the on-board CD input. for playing along with your favourite bands!


  • Cabinet Design: Black metal corners, gloss metal grille and rubber feet
  • CD Input: Yes (Phono
  • Channels: 2 (Clean and Distortion
  • Drivers: 1x10 Custom Driver
  • Effects: No
  • Equalisation: Global Bass, Mid and Treble
  • Footswitch: FS2 (Not Included
  • FX Loop(s: No
  • Headphone Socket: Yes
  • Inputs: 1x Jack
  • Kick Proof Metal Grill: Yes
  • Line Out: No
  • Power: 35 Watts
  • Reverb: Yes
  • Speaker Connections: 1x Jack (4 Ohms External width : 450 mm Height : 275 mm weight : 11500 g length : 405 mm
  • € 265.00   

     The LX range is more than just a practice amp, with its depth of tone and aggressive snarl you can really take your playing to the extremes! Simple and easy to use with a logically laid out front panel, you have the power to build a fantastic sonic landscape in a simple easy to use fashion. With loads of character and charm, the LX range comes fitted with rugged metal grills, great for travelling on the road and highly durable. You will soon find your LX is the ultimate, essential companion!


    • Cabinet Design: Black metal corners, gloss metal grille and rubber feet
    • CD Input: Yes (Phono)
    • Channels: 2 (Clean and Distortion)
    • Packed Dimensions: (HxWxD mm) 485 x 535 x 315
    • Drivers: 12" HH Driver
    • Effects: No
    • Equalisation: Bass, Mid and Treble per Channel
    • Footswitch: FS2 (Not Included)
    • FX Loop(s): Yes
    • Headphone Socket: Yes
    • Inputs: 1x Jack
    • Kick Proof Metal Grill: Yes
    • Line Out :Yes
    • Master Effects Level Controls: No
    • Power: 65 Watts
    • Reverb: Yes
    • Speaker connections: 1x Jack (8 Ohms)
    • Weight: 16 Kg Packed, 14.7 Kg Unit


    € 325.00   
    Modern interpretation of the venerable RG80—the basis of the classic Randall sound. Developed to celebrate Randall's 40th anniversary, the 70W RG8040 solid state guitar combo amp offers 2 channels: Classic Clean with a bright switch and Overdrive for a wide range of amped-up tones. Its 3-band master EQ has pull knobs for bass and mid boosts, and its loaded with a spring reverb that's footswitchable with an optional RFRG80 switch. Additional features on the RG8040 combo include an aux in, XLR line out with ground lift, series FX loop, and headphone out. All its great tone comes through a 12" specially designed and voiced RD121008 Diavlo speaker. Features 70W solid state power 12" specially designed and voiced RD121008 Diavlo speaker Clean and Overdrive channels Bright switch on Clean channel 3-band master EQ Pull knobs for bass boost and mid shift Spring reverb Series effects loop XLR line out with ground lift Headphone output MP3/media player input Optional RF2T2C footswitch for channel switching and boost Optional RFRG80 footswitch for channel switching, boost, and reverb The RG8040 is gushing with the tone that made Randall famous on stages around the world. Order now!
    € 350.00    160.00

     Designed and engineered in Great Britain, the CUB12R delivers pure, vintage tube tone in a small format, low wattage combo providing classic vintage sounds without complicated control layouts or excessive volume levels. From 15 watts to less than 1 watt the CUB12R delivers warm cleans to rich crunch, giving all the classic tones you need. Ideal for beginner or the more advanced player the CUB12R is great at home, on stage or in the studio. Great tube tone has never been more accessible.


    • Channel Controls: Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume & Tone
    • Class: Class A/B
    • Packed Dimensions (HxWxD mm): 455 x 475 x 275
    • Drivers: 12" HH Driver
    • Equalisation: Bass, Middle, Treble
    • Footswitch: FS1 (Not Included)
    • FX Loop(s): Yes
    • Impedance: 8 Ohm
    • Inputs: 2 : 15W & <1W
    • Output Valves: 2 x EL84
    • Power: 15 Watts & < 1 Watt
    • Preamp Valves: 3 x ECC83
    • Reverb: Yes
    • Speaker connections: 8 - 16 Ohm connections
    • Weight: 11.5 Kg
    • Unit Dims - for int. case (HxWxD mm): 427 x 435 x 235


    € 450.00    350.00

    Fender's Mustang GT100 modeling combo is a fantastic practice combo amp from the company's revamped digital guitar amplifier lineup. Every detail of this amp's digital character has been improved for more realistic-sounding and -feeling amp tones. The GT series is even the first amplifier with Wi-Fi capabilities, perfect for downloading new presets or amplifier updates. And the wireless power doesn't stop there. Bluetooth capabilities allow you to stream music and control your Mustang GT40 from Fender's Tone app for iOS and Android.

    • Power: 100W (2x50W stereo)
    • Single channel
    • 21 amp models
    • Single input
    • Speaker: 1x12 Celestion Special Design
    • Controls: Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass, Master, Encoder, Three Layer Buttons, FX Button, Save Button, Menu Button, Tap Button
    • 46 built-in FX
    • Digital FX loop
    • USB recording output
    • Aux. input
    • Headphone output
    • Bluetooth audio streaming
    • Wifi capabilities
    • Built-in chromatic tuner
    • Footswitch sold separately
    • Cabinet material: 5/8 in. particleboard
    • Covering: Black Textured Vinyl
    • Grille Cloth: Black
    • Handle: Integrated Top-Mount Handle
    • Knobs: Black Plastic
    • Height: 17.5 in. x 20.5 in. x 10 in. (44.5 cm x 52.1 cm x 25.4 cm)
    • Weight: 22 lb. (9.97 kg)
    € 495.00   
    Channel/3 Modes Mode 1: Classic Clean w/ Boost Mode 2: Vintage/Modern Hi-Gain Mode 3: Vintage/Modern Hi-Gain EQ CONTROLS Bass • Middle • Treble • Contour MASTER CONTROLS Volume POWER AMP Solid State POWER OUTPUT 120 Watts SPEAKERS 2 2 x 12” Randall Jaguar FEATURES Dual 3 Band EQ Spring Reverb Series EFX Loop Slave Output with Level RF4G2 Footswitch Included
    € 500.00    230.00

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