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  • Guitar Wall Mount Straight Hanger
  • Hanger Pivots to cradle instrument
  • Foam covered neck holder with stoppers
  • Real wood base plate, Black
  • Easy to mount with included screws
€ 10.00   
  • Ortega Guitar stand for acoustic guitars, acoustic basses, electric guitars and electric basses
  • Lightweight and durable steel tubing covered with soft black neoprene rubber tubing to protects your instrument
€ 14.50   
  Wall hanging guitar stand, with automatic locking. Weight: 0,20 kg . Available in black color. Suitable for display
€ 15.00   

  • Steel structure, upper and bottom support arms covered with natural rubber.
  • Equipped with safety chain.
  • Knob for the height adjustment
  • Height: min 64 cm, max 72 cm
  • Weight: 0,95 kg
€ 15.50   
Double Guitar Stand Height: 790-910mm Material: Steel
€ 18.50   
  • The perfect solution for a compact instrument stand
  • Fits all sizes of guitars and basses, acoustic or electric
  • For electrics AND acoustics
  • Great and easy use fold technique, Made with extremely lightweight and strong synthetic material
€ 19.00   
Guitar Stand black set up height 33" - 45.5" (838 mm - 1156 mm) folds to 3.5" x 21" (89 x 533 mm) weight 3.5" lbs. (1.6 kg) limited lifetime warranty
€ 25.00   
The JS-HG102 from Ultimate Support is a double hanging-style guitar stand that provides secure support for acoustic or electric guitars. The stand has a tubular steel construction with a durable black powder-coated finish. Rubber surfaces protect your guitars from scratches and dings. The stand has an adjustable height to accommodate your specific needs.

Supports acoustic and electric guitars

€ 25.00   
Trible Guitar Stand Height: 790-910mm Material: Steel
€ 26.00   

Keep three of your favorite acoustic, electric, or bass guitars safe on stage or in the studio with this triple-guitar hanging guitar stand! The JS-HG103 Triple Hanging-style Guitar Stand features heavy duty tubing with a powder-coated black finish and it covered in protective rubber at contact points. The easy-to-use safety gates secure your instruments ensuring they don't accidentally fall.

JS-HG103 Triple Hanging-style Guitar Stand Features:

*Safely holds three electric, acoustic, or bass guitars *Strong, durable steel construction
*Protective rubber at contact surfaces
*Ergonomic "Z"knob enables easy height adjustment
*Rubber feet ensures your guitars won't move on stage


Number of Guitars:
Height: 34.5" - 43.5" (876mm - 1105mm)
Weight: 3.8 lbs. (1.5kg)

€ 29.00   
GS-50 Genesis Guitar Stand Compact, portable stand is ideal for electric guitars black set up height 12.5" (311 mm) folded to 3.5" x 14" (89 mm x 356 mm) weight 2.15" lbs. (.98 kg) limited lifetime warranty
€ 30.00   

Universal guitar and bass stand with auto locking system covered with EVA
• Tripod leg are covered with EVA to grant the safety of the instrument
• Completely foldable

• Loaded nylon joint with height adjustment knob
• Tripod base made of loaded nylon with clamp system

€ 46.00   

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