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Put one of these Octavator caps on the end of a Boomwhacker tuned plastic percussion tube, and you've lowered the tone by an octave (8 notes lower in sound)! Play the tubes as usual or hold them vertically and tap the capped end on the floor. An economical way to extend your range of notes, as well as an easy way to make lower notes more accessible. For example, a capped tube from the short diatonic set (item 200346, available separately) can be much easier to handle than a longer bass tube. Package of 8 is enough to cover any one set of Boomwhackers (each set of Boomwhackers is available separately).

€ 20.00   

Set of 5 chromatic Boomwhackers. This set contains the sharps and flats only - add it to the set of diatonic Boomwhackers  to have a complete chromatic octave. Includes 5 pitches (starting at C# right next to middle C):   

C# (red-orange)
D# (yellow-orange)
F# (dark green)
G# (blue)
A# (purple)   


Tubes range in length from 12"-24".

€ 36.00    30.00

This Boomwhackers BWDG diatonic set includes 8 tubes tuned to the notes of the C major scale. By gently striking nearly any surface (tables, chairs, floors, your thigh or hand, your shoe…whatever!) you can produce a full, audible tone. Different surface produce different sounds, but the pitch always remains the same. Tubes range in length from 12" - 24". Each Boomwhacker is tuned to a different pitch and has a unique color:

  • C1 (red)
  • D1 (orange)
  • E1 (yellow)
  • F1 (light green)
  • G1 (aqua)
  • A1 (violet)
  • B1 (fuchsia)
  • C2 (red)  
€ 55.00    39.00

Set of 7 bass diatonic Boomwhackers. This set of Boomwhackers extends your range - middle C comes with the regular diatonic set (item 200346, available separately), and this set continues down 7 more notes to C below middle C. These plastic percussion tubes are played by (gently!) striking almost anything - a table, a chair, the floor, your thigh or hand, the side of your shoe... whatever! Different surfaces can produce different sounds, but always the same musical pitch. Includes 7 pitches, starting at C below middle C; a different color is used for each pitch:  

low C (red)
D (orange)
E (yellow)
F (light green)
G (aqua)
A (violet)
B (fuchsia)  

Tubes range in length from 24" - 48".

  • Age: 3 years and older

€ 65.00    56.00

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