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  • Components: 250 mm (10 in) dual voice coil transducer.
  • Stereo inputs with high-pass outputs for Satellite speakers.
  • Slot-load vented band pass design.
  • Complemented full range control contractor Series systems.
  • High sensitivity: 100 dB, 1 w, 1 M.  The CONTROL SB-2 provides low frequency Reinforcement in subwoofer/Satellite systems. The CONTROL SB-2 is ideal for foreground music and music/paging systems in restaurants, retail establishments, theme bars, music cafes, health clubs, and other indoor applications.
€ 350.00   

12-inch High-Excursion LF Transducer • Trapezoidal Shape allows for flexible placement • Secure Reinforced Cabinet Construction with Mounting Hardware included • Extremely High Power Handling • High Sensitivity • Paintable Enclosure available in Black or White Finishes • Dual Voice Coil Design accommodates both Stereo Channels • Crossed-Over Pass-Thru Connections for up to 4 Satellite Speakers The Electro-Voice ® EVID 12.1 is a subwoofer system designed to complement the EVIDTM line of full-range loudspeakers. The 12.1 is ideal for supplementing the bass response of any EVIDTM model in an indoor application. It is particularly useful in sports bars, dance floors, retail environments, health clubs, restaraunts, etc. The 12.1 adds the extra dimension of a powerful low end where foreground music is desired. The 12.1’s slot-loaded design allows for flexible mounting and placement while delivering the smoothest bass response possible. The 12-inch high-excursion woofer, with its dual voicecoil design, enables both the L/R channels to feed into the speaker while at the same time providing crossed-over outputs for up to 4 satellite speakers. If desired, the 12.1 can be powered separately for an even more powerful presence. The 12.1 features reinforced steel-fastener construction that allows for a variety of mounting configurations. 

€ 600.00   

Active Bass Speaker

  • 18" Bass reflex
  • Frequency range: 31 - 150 Hz
  • Class D amplifier with 500/1000 W (RMS / Peak)
  • SPL max. 134 dB
  • Programmable DSP controller
  • Crossover frequency: 80/100/120 Hz
  • Switchable polarity
  • 2 XLR inputs
  • XLR male thru output
  • M20 stand flange mount
  • Black coating
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 582 x 668 x 645 mm
  • Weight: 35.5 kg
€ 790.00   
Phonic Nexus 935SB 450W Active 15" Subwoofer with Powered Output The Nexus 935SB active subwoofer provides 700 Watts of power to its single 15" woofer, giving thumping bass sounds to any venue. XLR inputs and outputs are provided for feeding audio to and from the speaker, and an extra two 1/4" jacks are included for powering speakers in parallel to the sub. The Nexus 935SB subwoofers are the ideal solution to smoothing out any venue. Nexus 935SB Features: Built-in 250 Watt (RMS) amp for the subwoofer with an additional 2 x 100 Watts (RMS) for external full range speakers Balanced XLR input and output Two 1/4" phone jack outputs for powering passive speakers with 100 Watts of power Built in protection circuitry Lightweight cabinet with dynamic sound 123 dB Max SPL (1 Watt @ 1 meter) 22k ohm input impedance 35mm pole mounting point Nexus 935SB Specifications Dimensions Height: 645mm Length: 495mm Width: 440mm Speakers Power Amp: 450 Sound Pressure: 123dB Tweeter: NOInch Woofer: 15Inch
€ 850.00    300.00

TANK20SA an active subwoofer is extremely efficient, characterized by the cabinet to vertical and designed to increase the sound pressure in the lower octaves of the spectrum of TANK201A, but at the same time, can also be combined with other self-amplified systems. In addition, when used as a support system for the satellite TANK201A, active subwoofer TANK20SA naturally shrinks and stretches the vertical lobe at low frequencies. The combination of satellite and subwoofer system in a "column of sound" in the full frequency range, efficient and powerful, suitable for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications and locations.


• 127 dB max SPL.

• The class-D power amplifier with switching power supply, which delivers a power output of 500 watts, is controlled by an electronic crossover stereo limiter incorporates a state of the art.

• Electronic crossover stereo selector with the slope of the crossover filter.

• 2 10 "woofer with neodymium magnets, and superventilati shielded to minimize the 'power compression', coils and 2.5" in bass-reflex enclosure.

• Cabinet 15mm birch plywood finished with a special anti-abrasion paint and comes with adapter for support pole and a sturdy protective grille made ​​of steel.
It incorporates robust and ergonomically designed side handles that ensure easy transportation and positioning.



• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

• Concert halls.

• Theatres.

• medium sized club.

• DJ set.

• Drum-fill.

• Applications audio-video.

Active Subwoofer


Cash bass-reflex
Frequency Response 50 Hz to 100 Hz
Max SPL: 127dB
Components (custom) 2 10 "woofer (2.5" voice coil) with neodymium magnet, shielded, super-ventilated
Electronic crossover STEREO 100Hz, 12/24dB/oct - phase inversion
Construction birch plywood 15 mm; protective coating, anti-scratch,
protective steel grille, side handle for transportation; flange to support the system via satellite rod connector (optional) mod. SM4
Built-in Amplifier Class D; SMPS; overload protection, over temperature, short circuit.
Max. Release   500 W EIAJ 
Connections 2 balanced XLR inputs,
2 balanced XLR outputs (link),
2 balanced outputs X-Over,
2 PowerCon ® (In - Loop out)
Dimensions L 32.5 x H 73.4 x D 34 cm
Weight 21 kg
€ 950.00    450.00
The JBL IRX-115S fortifies your IRX active speaker system with 1,300 watts of rafter-shaking power. This active subwoofer’s 15-inch woofer includes a 3-inch voice coil, and it produces smooth, detailed low end all the way down to 35Hz. The IRX-115S includes selectable 80Hz, 100Hz, and 120Hz crossover points, which are optimized for IRX-series loudspeakers. A polarity switch optimizes your system’s response. This powered sub also sports a ported enclosure to enhance its output and minimize woofer noise. The IRX-115S was built for real-world use, with a lightweight, road-tested MDF cabinet and reinforced grille. At Sweetwater, we appreciate the IRX-115S’s ergonomic carry handles and built-in pole mount, which make transporting and installing this subwoofer a piece of cake.    
€ 975.00    780.00

The Dynacord A118 Passive PA Subwoofer is capable of commanding the stage at high-profile venues and major events worldwide.

The EVS-18K 18-inch woofer provides extended lowfrequency output with a 40–200 Hz frequency range. With a 96 dB SPL sensitivity and 128 dB max. SPL there is no shortage of power with this speaker. This subwoofer is road ready with a 15 mm plywood enclosure and is designed with stylish black finish.

The main features of the Dynacord A118 Passive PA Subwoofer include:

  • Cabinet: Subwoofer, vented design
  • Nominal impedance 8 Ω
  • Minimum impedance 6.7 Ω
  • Power handling: continuous 400 W / program 800 W / peak 1600 W
  • Max. SPL (calculated with peak power): 128 dB
  • Axial sensitivity: 96 dB
  • Frequency range (-10 dB):  40–200 Hz
  • Recommended HP frequency: 30 Hz
  • Coverage angle nominal: Omnidirectional
  • LF transducer: 1 x EVS-18K, 457 mm (18-inch)
  • Connectors: 2 x NL4-type
  • Pole mount: Threaded M20
  • Handle:  2
  • Enclosure material: 9-ply, 15 mm Plywood, internally braced
  • Enclosure finish: Textured paint
  • Grille: 18 gauge steel with black powder coat
  • Product dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 507 x 661 x 574 mm
  • Shipping dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 575 x 738 x 642 mm
  • Net weight: 30.6 kg
€ 1350.00    550.00

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