FiveO PM85 Microphone
[ PM85 ]


Category: Dynamic
€ 50.00   

The professional dynamic series is an ideal option for the discerned musician or vocalist without a bulging wallet. The entire range were constructed and design with the utmost care and low production cost in mind. Models include a complete set of vocal, instrument, and drum microphones. Ideal for everyday use and practice they come complete with everything you need to create great sound recordings n' live performances with beginner's budget. PM85

  • Tailored for smooth vocal reproduction and low noise
  • An extreme cardioid pickup pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired sound source
  • The pm85 is a durable and outstanding solution for professional applications
  • In addition to high-frequency clarity, extreme intelligibility, detailed reproduction and noise suppression, this model also features excellent offaxis rejection for minimum feedback.
  • The sturdy, all-metal housing and mesh grill protect the internal components from any damage.