Stentor 1018A Standard Violin Outfit 4/4
[ 1018A ]


Category: 4/4 Violin
€ 260.00   

The Stentor "Student" is the entry-level quality student model made by Stentor - the world's leading makers of student stringed instruments. Stentor Standard violins are made to correct measurements and specifications out of carved solid tone wood with black hardwood pegs and fingerboard. The outfit comes with an attractive lightweight case with brown outer cover and a good student wood bow, making it an ideal starting point for a beginner.
  • Carved from solid tone woods
  • Black hardwood fingerboard
  • Black hardwood pegs
  • Alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters
  • Traditional inlaid purfling
  • Wood bow with natural horsehair and ebony frog
  • Attractive lightweight case with brown integral cover and carrying straps

  • Fitted with ebony fingerboard and synthetic gut strings.
  • High quality violin designed for the advancing student.
  • Solid, carved tonewood body with an attractive shaded satin finish.
  • Supplied with a bow, a stick of rosin and a traditional lightweight case.      The Stentor Graduate has been designed to act as a step-up instrument from the immensely popular Stentor Student 2 violin, and would be suitable for an experienced player who travels frequently with their violin. Constructed from solid tonewoods with a shaded satin finish, this is a well-developed instrument with a mellow tone and advanced strings akin to sythnetic gut.

    Stentor are the leading manufacturer of orchestral stringed instruments worldwide, and are the UKs leading distributor of musical instruments. Since 1895, when Edward C. Doughty first registered the name , well over one million Stentor instruments have been sold. Still based in the UK the instruments are now produced by skilled craftsmen and women in Taixing, China, where instruments are hand-carved using specially selected tonewoods and natural glues. The instruments are shipped to over 30 countries worldwide, and Stentor have built a name for themselves as reliable producers of student instruments.

    As you can imagine with a name like 'Graduate, this violin has been crafted with the advancing student in mind. The body is hand-carved from solid tonewoods, with additional maple back and ribs to give it a superior tonal quality. This violin includes the standard Stentor ebony fittings which dutifully compliment the Graduates varnished satin finish and synthetic gut strings.  The Stentor Graduate is supplied with a bow (with natural white horse hair and mounted ebony frog), rosin and a traditional lightweight case with enough space for 2 bows. 

€ 500.00   
The Stentor Conservatoire violin outfit is chosen by intermediate players and above and often recommended by teachers as a step-up instrument for students. It offers a high standard at a reasonable cost. The instrument is made using an inside mould giving fine detail and accuracy to the assembly of the body. The Conservatoire has a carved spruce front and carved flamed maple back and ribs, finished in Stentor's Shellax™ varnish which has been developed over many years. With ebony fittings and traditional inlaid purfling, this responsive instrument is a high quality outfit often recommended for its sound. It comes with a selected wood bow with natural white horsehair and full mounted ebony frog and a deluxe oblong lightweight case with integral cover, carrying strap, music pocket, hygrometer and case blanket. High quality rosin is included

€ 650.00