Tama Cocktail Jam CJB46C-MGD Midnight Gold
[ CJB46C-MGD ]


Category: Drum Set
€ 900.00   

The TAMA-Cocktail-JAM Kit™ is in appearance and sound a TAMA original. It is ideal for hip-hop, jazz, intimate acoustic environments and tight rehearsal rooms. This totally compact kit is easy to set up and play on a throne in rooms much smaller than a typical drum kit. In addition, the TAMA Cocktail JAM Kit and its hardware can be easily packed into just two bags, making it super portable and easy to carry to any gig.

  • 16"x6" Bass Drum
  • 10"x5" Tom
  • 14"x5.5" Floo rTom
  • 12"x5" snare drum
  • Pedal
  • Drum bag
  • Hardware Bag
  • Cymbal support
  • Sound-Focus Cushion
  • Cymbals are NOT included!