Tanglewood DBT SFCE TB Discovery Super Folk Electro-Acoustic - Thru Blue Gloss


Category: Acoustic Guitars
€ 330.00   

The Tanglewood Discovery range are guitars designed to play great, sound incredible, look amazing, as well as be affordable and accessible to all musicians. Constructed with Mahogany and equipped with Tanglewoods own preamp systems, these guitars wipe the floor with many of the similarly priced equivalents on the market. Perfect for beginners and gigging musicians, one of these guitars would be a great addition to any guitarists arsenal.
  • SHAPE Super Folk
  • TOP Mahogany
  • BACK Mahogany
  • SIDES Mahogany
  • FINGERBOARD Eboncore
  • BRIDGE Eboncore
  • STRINGS Bronze 12-53
  • ELECTRONICS Tanglewood TW-EX4
  • FINISH Thru Blue Gloss