Besson 609 Series Trumpet
[ WIT1-609-1-0 ]

Category: Trumpet
€ 1300.00    1040.00

Designed to offer a wider range of tonal control to the advanced student musician. This free blowing, well-balanced instrument has a full dark sound with excellent intonation and easy response. These trumpets are crafted from the highest quality materials to meet the demands of all musicians in terms of both durability and artistry. Specifications: *Key: Bb *Bore: .460" *Bell diameter: 5" *Weight: 1127 g *Adjustable finger ring on 3rd valve slide *Thumb hook on 1st valve slide *Precision Monel center sprung valves *2 water keys *Hand forged braces for stability *Lacquer finish Delivered with: * Deluxe Wood Case * Silver-plated 7C mouthpiece