Portable Digital Recorder DP-004
[ DP-004 ]


Category: Multitrack Recording
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DP-004 4-Track Digital Pocketstudio Just like Tascam's best-selling Cassette Portastudios, the DP-004 makes recording simple. Musicians can record an acoustic instrument just by sitting in front of it and using the built-in stereo microphone, then overdub a vocal or solo track over what they played. Whether recording a song demo, music lesson or finished music, the DP-004 captures inspiration without technology getting in the way of your music. The DP-004 offers four tracks of CD-quality digital recording. Users can simultaneously record two sources at once and playback and mix up to four tracks at once. The Bounce feature makes it possible to free tracks by creating downmixes internally. The four tracks can then be edited, mixed, and mastered to a dedicated internal stereo track. The DP-004 is the perfect companion for beginners, songwriters, composers, bands, music teachers, language teachers, or school music programs.