Meinl Universal 5 Singing Bowl Set 2950
[ SB-U-2950 ]

Meinl Universal 5 Singing Bowl Set 2950

Category: Sonic Energy
€ 390.00   

The Meinl Singing Bowls are original instruments made by hand in india for the traditional or meditational use. Handcrafted with precious materials for the best sound possible, the round, shining Bowls are once again tested individually in germany to ensure Meinls superior quality. Different to the Singing Bowls out of the cosmos series this Bowls are produced with a additional reinforcement hoop at the upper edge. This procedure gives the Singing Bowl even more sustain and makes it perfect for the use during upper body massages.

MEINL Universal Singing Bowl Set SB-U-2950 Features: Consists of: SB-U-400, SB-U-500, SB-U-600, SB-U-700, SB-U-750 Material: Bronze Handmade Engraved logo Made in India Incl. 2 Mallets (SB-RM-LE, SB-M-LT-S) Incl. cover and felt ring